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Welcome Tiger Leaders

Tiger Den Cub Scouts (and Lion Den Cub Scouts) are the future of Scouting. There is no debating that point.

You, the Tiger/Lion Den Leader, and all parents of First Graders and Kindergarteners, may be the most important leaders in all of scouting. Thank you for your leadership and for investing your time in the development of your child and the Boy Scout program.

We will attempt to use this website as a gathering place for disseminating information, sharing ideas and learning from one another to keep the Tiger/Lion program fun for our youth.

Check back often for updates and use the link on the top right of the page to subscribe to this blog, then watch your e-mail for digests of the topics discussed.


Your Shawnee Trails Tiger Team.

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November Commissioner Packet

Hello Commissioners:

Tonight we will meet by conference call at 6:30 PM. Just dial 913-213-1946 and you will be joined to the call.

I have heard from Jim Nicholson, Phil Hudon and a couple others that they will not be able to make it. If you can not make it tonight, please call me sometime in the next couple days so we can talk to make sure we are on the same page. My personal cell phone is 913-209-3936.

Below you will find the detailed commissioner handouts for November 2018.

First, thanks to Matt Thoman, Dan O’Keefe, Marshall Hollingsworth and Harry Moyer for their help preparing popcorn to be distributed today. Congratulations to Harry for being the latest Commissioner to receive the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. He received that award at Roundtable.

Also, I saw Joe Ogilvie performing an important civic duty as the assistant supervising judge in my polling place on Tuesday. Thanks for doing that Joe.

Here’s the packet:

November Training Topic – Nick Badgerow, the Duties of a Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America: Commissioner Training November 2018 – 5 Duties

Youth Protection Training – R.J. Wilson, we are at about 61% as a district of having our Key leaders trained. Here is the spreadsheet of everyone who is trained (marked Yes) and everyone who is not trained (marked No.) Please reach out to the people you know and the Units you serve. ST YPT 2018-10-26

Rechartering:  – Scott Tener and Matthew Thoman. Many packets were handed out at Roundtable. Matt and Jenna have arranged for the remainder to be handed out in person. Scott is tracking where people are in the process. Rechartering support is one of our main duties. You can see that document here:


Journey to Excellence: JTE forms are due back to the District Staff no later than December 31. If the form comes in after that it does not count for our District JTE. Please sit down with your Units or ask them to fill in their JTE form before the end of the year. Each Unit is receiving their JTE form with their rechartering Packet. This is one of our main duties.

Guidance on Scouts BSA and the addition of girls to Packs and New Troops. Jenna forwarded the document I sent to you the other day in an email. I wanted to include it here so you can be sure to make your Units aware of the guidance. Here is the document:Heart of America Council – Scouts BSA Implementation Guidelines

Detailed Assessments: I appreciate all of you who have worked hard to complete detailed assessments this year. I know we will achieve Gold JTE status. I have 7 of my 20 Units which have agreed to assessments and I know more will come along.  Please make sure all of your units have a detailed and five simples before the end of the year.

I have tried a new tool to get Key Three members to complete a detailed assessments. You can see the files here, but please do not take the assessment:

Committee Chairman Self Assessment Form // Chartered Organization Representative Self Assessment Form // Unit Leader Self Assessment Form

You are welcome to use these forms for your Units and I will be happy to send you the assessment replies or even enter in the assessment for you. They should work for Crews, Troops and Packs.

Commissioner Tools Down: Today as I was preparing to send you our updated statistics for assessments and RT attendance I noticed that my.scouting was being updated. It looks like the site has updated but the reports and tools are not available at the moment. I suspect that it will be fixed later today. When it is fixed I will send you that big spreadsheet showing the health of your units. Hopefully…the update will give us more insight into how your Units are doing. Right now, when you enter in an assessment, I receive no feedback from the system. In order to know something is wrong at the Unit level I rely on you to tell me. I have asked specifically for this to change in the updated Commissioner Tools. We shall see.

A personal note on how I am working to remain focused: There are a lot of things that will pull us in many directions. I am really trying to keep my focus on:

  • Youth Protection Training,
  • Rechartering, and
  • Detailed and Simple Assessments.
  • JTE Completion

In addition, we are fortunate to have some great help to complete our other functions:

  • Alan, Anne, Harry and David and their staff are really focused on making Roundtable work for our leaders.
  • Frank will make sure that our Tiger and Lion Dens are getting what they need to be successful.
  • John will make sure you are all trained and earning the awards you are due.

Packets for your Units: Tomorrow, before I head for popcorn, I will try to get a Unit Packet put together for you that you can send out to your Packs, Troops and Crews. It will likely be a page on this site and it will be simple and focused on the objectives Nick will talk about tonight and the focus I hope we can keep.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

December 6, 2018 – Roundtable, Shawnee United Methodist Church. The plan in Boy Scout RT is to have everyone bring holiday snacks to share and to have a true white elephant gift exchange. Spontaneous caroling may occur.

December 13, 2018 – Shawnee Trails Holiday Party. 6-8 PM. Place to be announced.

January 3, 2019 – January Roundtable, 7PM, Shawnee United Methodist.

January 8, 2019 – Recharter Turn In for all Shawnee Trails Units. 6-8 PM. Atonement Lutheran.

January 10, 2019 – Commissioner’s Meeting. I will need someone to help me with this meeting because the Wood Badge post course meeting is scheduled the same night.




Mic-o-Say in Shawnee Trails

Rob Sisco, the Shawnee Trails Mic-o-Say Advocate, reports that 2018 was a standout year for Shawnee Trails in the tribe of Mic-o-Say. Over 300 individuals from our District either became members or advanced in the leadership to the Tribe. Congratulations to our dedicated youth and volunteers who have shown their commitment to the principles that make our Tribe and the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation so unique.

2018 Shawnee Trails District Mic-O-Say Elevations (includes Staff elevations)














Commissioner Packet – October 2018


Three Shawnee Trails Commissioners Honored for the Service to Units.
  • Commissioner Bob Baranek was recognized as being selected to be a Silver Beaver at the Council Level.
  • ADC for Awards and Training John Wiedenmann was recognized with his Arrowhead Honor. The requirements for which can be found here .
  • Bob Baranek and Commissioner John Rohrer were presented with the bolo tie, knot, certificate and plaque for being honored with the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. They were nominated to receive this award. The requirements can be found here.
  • Former ADC Joe Allen was awarded the Distinguished Commissioner Award at Roundtable. He is moving to Florida for his retirement this week. We wished him well.
  • One additional Shawnee Trails Commissioner will be awarded the Distinguished Commissioner Award at the next Roundtable.


Here is the packet of information you can refer to for the October 2018 Commissioners Meeting.

Monthly Service Plans:

Monthly Service Plan for Unit Commissioners October 2018.sl.09182018

Monthly Service Plan for Unit Commissioners November and December 2018.sl.09182018

District Commissioner Minute – YPT:

October 2018 Commissioner Training Corrected Online ReCharter 2019


HOAC Recharter Training 2019 Powerpoint (1) 9.21.2018

October 2018 Commissioner Training Corrected Online ReCharter 2019

Detailed Assessment and Roundtable Attendance Spreadsheet:

October Unit Health Packet

A Perk for Webelos

For just being a fourth grader, the National Parks Service is giving you a very cool opportunity.

Leave No Trace for Every Kid — in a Park!

Boulder, CO: Becoming a 4th grader has never been more exciting than since the start of the Every Kid in a Park initiative, at least we here at the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics think so! In an effort to increase access and stewardship of public lands for and by all Americans, the Every Kid in a Park program was created. The program allows fourth graders nationwide to obtain a pass for free entry for them and their guests to more than 2,000 federally managed lands and waters nationwide for an entire year. 

If you have a 4th grader in your life, here are some tips to make it a year you all won’t soon forget:

  • Remember that these lands are YOUR lands, and that makes you their protector. Refresh yourself and the group on the Seven Leave No Trace Principles. These guidelines have allowed millions of people to make responsible decisions that help protect the outdoors!
  • Check out the Leave No Trace for Every Kid webpage for fun activities to engage the whole group. Use these tips and activities when you’re exploring the trails!
  • Participate in an education program led by park staff. Not only will kids (and adults) get a behind the scenes look at some cool park features, but they will learn a lot about why it is so important to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer during your time at the park or protected area. Even 30 minutes of volunteering can help kids understand the value of service on public lands!

National Parks in Kansas

National Parks in Missouri

Unit Update 9/1/18

The following is the September 1, 2018 update for all Unit Leaders in the Shawnee Trails District. Please disseminate widely.

Update for All Shawnee Trails Scouters

September 1, 2018 


Cortland Boles gave an update on recruitment. Shawnee Trails is leading the Council in recruitment for 2018 with 361 youth recruited. Shawnee Trails is 36 youth ahead of last year’s recruitment totals. The next closest recruiting district is Iron Horse with 242 youth recruited this year. Thank you Commissioners for your involvement with these packs. Now is the time to dig in with positive contacts so the Packs can have your insights and experience as they get the program year kicked off with enthusiasm and fun in mind. Below, you will see the recent guidance sent to school buildings with regard to our access to students:


Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts may post signs on school grounds advertising an after school information meeting, post flyers to PeachJar, and leave paper fliers to be distributed if schools have an organized system to distribute to students (i.e. Friday Folder, etc.). When outside groups want to invite students/parents to information sessions, they are to be scheduled outside of the school day. The principal may work with groups to schedule meetings after school, but all meetings after 5:00 must work through the district facilities process to reserve space.

Youth Protection Update:

Too many of our adult leaders have not completed their New Youth Protection Training. The specifics are included in the link. We have to do better at this! Please direct all leaders to make the final push in their Unit. This is important. 

Giant Push for YPT 2: https://wp.me/p7baZC-nv

Training Changes for Direct Contact Leaders:

The U91 (Scouter Reserve) designation is being eliminated. All leaders who have direct contact with youth must be Position Specific Trained. This is a major change which will have rechartering implications. Please make certain that every direct contact leader is position specific trained. This is equally important. See the link below for more specifics. 

Direct Contact Training Changes: https://wp.me/p7baZC-ny

University of Scouting:

Registration for the University of Scouting is now open. Lots of great training and program advice. Good for all leaders. 

University of Scouting Registration: https://www.hoac-bsa.org/university-of-scouting


The camping committee formed a sub-committee to explore how girls in Scouts BSA would camp in 2019. The committee is still in process of coming up with a final recommendation. Reminder: Feb. 1 2019 is the kick off for the new Scouts BSA which includes both buy and girls in our scouting ranks. 

Unit Service Plans for September 2018:

  • Detailed Unit Assessments for Shawnee Trails Packs
  • Visit the Cub Scout Family Campout
  • Continue Fall Recruitment
  • Distribute the District Commissioner Minute

Here you can find the Monthly Service Plans https://wp.me/p9uFKq-5R


Roundtable occurs the first Thursday of every month at 7PM at Shawnee United Methodist Church

At September Roundtable:

  • Tribute to Patrick Rohrer
  • Popcorn update
  • Games to help teach youth leadership
  • Recruitment, Retention and Engaging New Leaders
  • YPT2 in-person training

At October Roundtable:

  • Starting to talk recharter
  • SPL Reception and Activities with their Scoutmasters
  • Den Chief Reception, new games and songs and how to work with adult Cub Leaders

Direct Contact Training Changes

Important Announcement:

Shawnee Trails Scouters: Last night at the Council Commissioner’s Meeting we learned that there is about to be a seismic shakeup in training for leaders who have direct contact with youth.

In our Council, we believe there to be more than 6,000 Scouters who may have direct contact with youth who are not position specific trained. These individuals are registered as U91 – Scouter Reserve. During this winter’s rechartering period, U91 will be discontinued.

Every person who has direct contact with youth (Cubmaster and assistant, Den Leader and assistant, Scoutmaster and assistant, Crew Advisor and assistant, and any other adult who has direct responsibilities with youth) must be position specific trained before they will be rechartered.

This guidance document has been issued. Please review it and start moving any untrained direct contact leaders toward their position specific training now. Also remember that Severe Weather training is also required for any direct contact adult.


Last, giant push for YPT2

Shawnee Trails Scouters: As of today, there are still more than 9,000 adult volunteers who have not taken the new Youth Protection Training (or as we commonly refer to it: YPT2) in our Council. The deadline for the training is October 1, 2018.

This letter is from our Council Commissioner asking you to please be diligent in assuring that your adult leaders are trained. We were told last night at a Council Commissioner’s meeting that an untrained leader will not, in any case, be allowed to recharter with your Unit.

We all have a responsibility to assure our youth have trained leaders. Here is your opportunity to help our kids by making sure all your leaders are YPT2 trained. Shawnee Trails District will offer YPT2 at our monthly Roundtable Meeting (First Thursday of every month at 7PM at Shawnee United Methodist Church) in both September and October. Please make certain your leaders are trained.