Have you thought about next year?

It’ll be here before you know it: your Tigers will be Wolves and someone else will have the most important job in all of Scouting – The Tiger Den leader. Have you thought about who will take your place as Tiger Leader?

If you haven’t identified that person yet, take a look at the kindergarten class. Maybe take a minute to speak to the kindergarten teachers in your school and ask which moms and dads are really involved with their kids. Also ask which boys would really benefit from Scouting. Find a time to talk to the identified parents and boys. It is never too early to start recruiting.

Leaving your Den better than you found it will go a long way toward promoting a stronger Den and a better Pack. The boys who come up through Scouting in the years directly ahead and behind your son will be with him for the next ten years. A strong program at all levels makes that advancement more enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you as always for your service to Scouting and to the development of your son and daughter, and thank you for recruiting the quality leaders to take your place.

Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.