Resource: Mentors Are Here For You

White TigerBeing a new scout leader can be overwhelming. New duties, trusted with other people’s kids, expected to make everything fun?  It can seem like a lot. As mentors we’re here to help.
Sometimes we’ll be able to help more than others, but when a new leader is just getting started is when our help is critical.

We know they’ll need training, program ideas – and don’t forget the ‘share the load’ speech. They’ll need all this and more, and we’re ready to assist. Our job is to be helpful, and to help illuminate the bigger picture of scouting, provide access to district resources; to think strategically.  My strategic thought for you is this – little things often make a big impact.

One of the documents in my new Tiger Leader Packet is a Resource Planner. Simple, easily constructed – with just the minimal information necessary to track who’s responsible for doing what.   Just that little bit of organization can make a world of difference, particularly for a new leader.

If you are interested in having a full fledged copy of the Tiger Leader Packet simply send us a note in the contact form below. Thanks for taking on your role as a Tiger Leader. One day, do not be surprised when your son or daughter says “I always looked up to you for being my Scout leader.”

– Mark Ford (Tiger Leader Mentor 2014-2016)

Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.