Starting your Den

Here’s something which may be of help for the new leader:

Top 10  – “Things to get done”

  1. Get contact information for Cub Master, Chair, Chartered Organization Representative (The person who talks to the Pastor or Chairman of the PTA), and every family in your den.
  2. Get the Pack’s calendar from the Cub Master or Chair. Bring it to the parents’ meeting.
  3. Tell everyone you meet in Scouting that you need a Den Chief until an older boy volunteers to help you.
  4. Have a parents’ meeting.  Decide how often, when, where you’ll meet (anyplace it’s safe).
  5. Place meeting ideas on the schedule until it’s full, align with the pack meetings.
  6. The Den Leader presents the program at each meeting, assisted by everyone.
  7. Each scouts parent chooses meetings from the schedule in rotation until done.  Save two meetings for reserve.
  8. The boys will always be busy, bring something fun for them to do while waiting for the meeting to start.
  9. Communicate everything to everyone, all the time.  Use online tools, whatever is necessary.
  10. Your first meeting should be ACTIVE!  One suggestion is to take the den through the Bobcat badge requirements in the form of a sing-a-long. Keep them moving, add a fun activity and a reward for earning that Bobcat. Make a big deal at the next Pack meeting to recognize your new Bobcats.

By Mark Ford (Tiger Leader Mentor 2014-2016)