For Troops, Crews and Ships

Unit Leaders:

At the moment, the Commissioner Corps is focusing a lot of its time on Cub Scouts. Packs will be meeting new challenges and opportunities as they begin to grow with new and enthusiastic participation from girls.

All Packs will be requested to complete a Detailed Unit Assessment with their Unit Commissioner no later than 1 March, 2018. After the first day of March, and before Summer Camp,  our commissioners will begin to focus their efforts on Troops, Crews and Ships. Each Commissioner, maybe even someone you have never met before, will be contacting your leadership team (Key Three) to set up a time to conduct a Detailed Unit Assessment.

This page will serve as a guide so you can be in touch with your Unit Commissioner and if everything works correctly, it may serve as a repository for your Roundtable Packets and other important information you need to receive.

Stay tuned.


Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.