Why am I here?

“I’m not a Tiger Leader, why are these people bothering me?”

Question-mark-faceThe simple answer: You’re a Scouter in the Shawnee Trails District of the Heart of America Council.

We are working to communicate with all Scouters in the District more frequently, on your terms, to provide better resources and opportunities for you to improve and grow Scouting in Kansas City.

No, you’re not a Tiger Leader. But you’re very important to our success in delivering the Promise of Scouting.

Our Tiger and Lion Leaders are taking their first steps on a exciting journey of development and growth through servant leadership – They’re the front end of this website.

On the back side of this website you will find resources, opportunities to help, connection to people ready to assist you when needed, and a whole slew of other useful information.

We hope you’ll stay and look a while and come back often. Our District and fellow Scouters need your insight.

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Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.