February 18 Roundtable

February 2018 Roundtable

A celebration of the history and the future of Scouting in our part of the Council.

There was singing, birthday cake, smiles and handshakes tonight at the Shawnee Trails District Roundtable Meeting.

Assistant District Commissioner Anne Borgmeir  made sure the facilities were picture perfect and well organized for the event. Coffee was available for those who wanted it and everyone knew where they were supposed to be.

Every person who walked into Roundtable was greeted and welcomed by Scouts from Troop 428 and Pack 3298. They were handed bulletins of the night’s announcements and a playing card for a gathering activity.

The waiting room for Eagle Courts of Honor was packed as reviewers and board members were on hand to guide young men on the path to Eagle. Supportive parents could be spotted all through the sanctuary.

Scouters talked and visited as they tried to build the best poker hand. The top two hands were announced to be the winners, but really everyone was a winner in a clever opening activity. Jason and Robin Parker, Cub Scout Recruitment Chairmen, served Scouting birthday cake to those assembled. Susan Gloeb, District Popcorn Kernel, delivered the cake from her local HyVee. It was adorned with the Council Logo and the World Scout logo. The cake was half chocolate and half white with white buttercream frosting and purple lettering that turned your teeth blue when you ate it.

Jack Baldwin called the colors and led the group of some 100 Scouters in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Scout Oath and Law. Troop 428 and Pack 3298 escorted the colors reverently. Afterward, they were handed a tall walking stick, theirs for a month, to decorate as they see fit, before delivering the stick back to Roundtable in March to be presented to its next temporary home.

Assistant District Commissioner Alan Clark called the group to order and announced that Scouting’s birthday was to be celebrated tonight. He recognized John Peter, Vice Chairman for Public Relations, for arranging our guest speaker. Andy Dubill, the Council Historian, presented a slide show and interacted with the audience regarding the history of Scouting in our Council. Walking to summer camp was never easy and the first camps were in nearby places you have heard of in Johnson County. We look forward to his return to hear more than the 9 minutes he was allotted tonight. Time is always tight at Roundtable.

Lisa Grimsley, Vice Chairman of Activities, encouraged everyone to register to attend the District Dinner. Donna Brandt, IIC co-chairman, asked everyone to make sure they had their date down for the Investment in Character Presentation. Mike Blinn, Vice Chairman of Membership, led the crowd assembled in a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” after he used the stage to try to build a better poker hand. Jenna Bentrop carried forward a hefty piece of hardware bearing the words “Shawnee Trails District, District of the Year 2017.” Jenna recognized the hard work of Chris Hodgdon and Scott Tener as our volunteer leaders for the past year. The award was presented at the Council banquet the night before. Darin Shank gave a brief talk welcoming everyone to Roundtable and RJ Wilson presented the Commissioner’s Participation Stick to 428 and 3399.

More cake was grabbed as Assistant Roundtable Commissioner Harry Moyer and his staff directed Cub Scouters to their breakout. The Boy Scout and Cub Scout breakouts proceeded for about 40 minutes. In the Cub Scout breakout there was literally a lot of bangs as Arnie Spector challenged participants to a relay race where they had to sit on air filled balloons until they popped. The Boy Scout breakout heard about camping opportunities in the Council and played Scouting Family Feud.

After clean up, the Roundtable Staff gathered for another 30 minutes to rehash the event and to perform a start, stop, continue evaluation of the night. In the end, most scouters agreed that the Roundtable gathering was informative, full of energy and an event where people felt good about Scouting and the District we work in.

We hope to see everyone back next month, hopefully with a friend. Surveys will be available in the next couple days to gather the start, stop, continue thoughts of participants in the Roundtable event.

Thanks to Shawnee United Methodist Church for hosting our monthly Roundtable. The space works wonderfully and your congregation is gracious with its time and space. The extra cake was left for the SUMC staff and we were told that Harry will probably eat it for breakfast.



Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.