Roundtable Update for February

Hello Shawnee Trails Scouters:

Welcome: Welcome to the February Shawnee Trails Roundtable! We are glad you have chosen to spend the next hour-or-so with us.

Our Goal For Tonight: It is our hope, and stated intent, that you will feel welcome here, learn something new, walk away energized and be looking forward to coming back next month. If we can achieve those four takeaways, then Roundtable, in our opinion, has been a success.

This note will be a little longer than most Roundtable notes, because it is the first one since our appointment as District Commissioner and District Chairman.

Leadership: Tonight, you will see Alan Clark and Anne Borgmier facilitating Roundtable. Alan is the Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable Training and Anne is the Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable Administration. They are assisted by Harry Moyer and David Bryant who serve as Assistant Roundtable Commissioners. Please thank them for their service to you through Roundtable.

Service Patrols: Tonight you were welcomed by Scouts from Troop 428/Crew 2428 (St. Paul’s United Methodist Church – Joe Ogilvie, Commissioner) and Pack 3298 (Salem Lutheran Church – Jim Nicholson, Commissioner). When the opportunity arises please thank these Scouts for their service here tonight. They helped with set up, greeting and flag presentation.

Participation Stick. Tonight we will be awarding one Pack, and one Troop or Crew, a walking stick to celebrate their participation at Roundtable. These sticks will belong to the chosen Unit for the next month. When it is returned at the next Roundtable it will be presented to another Unit. Hopefully it will indelibly bear the mark of the previous winning unit. There is a method to who wins the stick each month. Stay tuned for the full set of rules…But so you know, an Executive Officer in attendance is worth 10 points.

New Beads for Your Belt. We love Arnie’s Cub Scout Roundtable Bead Program, so we are going to start a bead program in addition to his. We want you to stay informed about Roundtable. We also want your opinion about Roundtable. This is your event, your one chance each month to get together with other Scouters from around the district.

  1. For every person who signs up tonight for the email updates you will get a bead for your belt coup.
  2. For every person who takes the survey we send out next week, you will get a different bead for your belt coup in March.
  3. Monthly the bead color will change and we look forward to seeing the unit leaders who have the full set at the end of the year.
  4. Oh…there will be a special limited edition bead mixed in now and then too. You will not want to miss that one.

Stay Informed: Text “Roundtable” (one word, without the quotation marks) to 22828 on your mobile phone. You will then be asked to enter your email address. Receive your bead from the District Commissioner or District Committee Chairman by showing him the message that starts with “Thanks!”

Check out the Shawnee Trails Blog. You can find it at (Where are we going if we do not start our efforts focused on Tiger and Lion Leaders?) There is something for everyone on the blog. You can also add your Roundtable Topic Suggestions on the blog.

Recharter: If your Unit has not yet rechartered please see Jenna or Laura as soon as possible to make sure your unit is not dropped.

Cub Packs: Be on the lookout for a random Unit Commissioner to be getting in touch with you to sit down and listen while you conduct your semi-annual Pack Self Assessment. We are mixing things up a little right now in the Commissioner Corps which explains a new person who will be reaching out to you. Your previously assigned person is still your commissioner, this new commissioner is your assessment commissioner. 

Summer Campers: The 2018 Summertime Adventure Guide has been published by the Council. Take a look online when you have a chance. It is full of fun and excitement for Scouts of all ages.

Finally: A big thank you goes out to our hosts from Shawnee United Methodist Church. Scott and Harry are always gracious to assist us in working with the welcoming congregation and leadership at this Chartering Organization. Oh, and thanks to District Executive Laura Cooke. We understand she is a top notch baker. Tonight we will find out. 🙂 Thank you Laura for helping us celebrate Scouting’s birthday. Good luck Eagle Candidates and thank you to the dedicated volunteers who conduct their boards and the parents who anguish with their son. Do a good turn!

Then really, finally: Thank you for being here. We’ll tend to write down our announcements so no one has to hear us go on and on about something that could have been in a memo. We hope to make this Roundtable offering of great value to you month- in, and month-out. We hope to improve our Roundtable offering and bring more people around our campfire.  Travel safely home, take your time getting there, and come back and see us again next month.

RJ Wilson and Darin Shank
District Commissioner and District Committee Chairman

Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.