March Roundtable Recap

March 2018 Roundtable

Learning by doing.

Does a marshmallow weigh so much more than a stick off spaghetti that it cannot defy gravity and physics? This weighty question and others were answered at the March 2018 Shawnee Trails Roundtable.

Harry made the coffee and Alan brought enough Oreos and soda to fuel the brain power needed to solve our group participation activity for the evening.

Every person who walked into Roundtable was greeted and welcomed by Scouts from Troop 192. They were handed bulletins of the night’s announcements and personally welcomed by Shane and Mike’s Scouts.

The waiting room for Eagle Courts of Honor was packed as reviewers and board members were on hand to guide young men on the path to Eagle. Supportive parents could be spotted all through the sanctuary.

Scouters talked and visited as they worked through the sign in line. Fellowship is important in Scouting and Roundtable presents a wonderful opportunity for Scouters in the Shawnee Trails District to network with one another.

Scouts from Troop 192 escorted the colors patriotically and lead the group assembled in the Scout oath and law.  They then departed for Order of the Arrow Chapter Meetings in an upstairs room, but a curious few could be seen poking their head in on the adults to see what was happening.

Commissioner RJ Wilson presented Pack 3298 and Troop 428 to pass on the Commissioner’s Traveling Staff to Pack 3352 and Troop 93 for their involvement last month with Roundtable. Both staves were carved with their respective escorts’ number, but the 3298 walking staff had a little something extra attached to it.

While Assistant District Commissioner Anne Borgmier shuffled Eagle Scout candidates and their parents, and prepared the packets for the evening, Assistant District Commissioner Alan Clark called the group to order and recognized District Chairman Darin Shank to speak. On behalf of the National Committee, Darin recognized Tom Pistorious and Lowell Teague for their foundational contributions to the James E. West Fellowship Award.

Harry Moyer, fearless leader of the Cub Scout Roundtable staff, led Cub Scout specific Scouters to their break out room while Alan started the program for the Boy Scout Leaders.

Alan, with the assistance of a panel of three judges, broke the group assembled into four patrols. They were handed a yard of tape, 20 sticks of spaghetti and three marshmallows. The rules were presented by the judges after a short kibbutz and the teams were off on their 20 minute journey. Many different leadership skills emerged. Many different strategies were employed.

In the end, none of the four patrols were able to get and keep their marshmallow off the ground. Alan then led an informative discussion about what our Scouts face when presented with a difficult task. He talked with the group about different leadership styles and how their leadership dynamic progressed. There was a lot of positive Wood badge in the room.

On the Cub Scout side, Harry and Arnie and the Cub Scout staff led a spirited discussion about Cub Scout activities. The leaders sang, pitched pennies as a game and talked about all the good activities out there for their Cubs.

The Order fo the Arrow Chapter Chief informed the Boy Scout Leaders about upcoming elections and answered questions about the same. Coffee and cookies were enjoyed through the evening and discussions were had about how to keep improving our Roundtable offering.

After clean up, the Roundtable Staff gathered for another 30 minutes to rehash the event and to perform a start, stop, continue evaluation of the night. In the end, most scouters agreed that the Roundtable gathering was informative, full of energy and an event where people felt good about Scouting and the District we work in. Next month, thanks to the suggestion of Mike Swearingen, we will make sure we have an activity for any youth in attendance.

We hope to see everyone back next month, hopefully with a friend. Surveys will be available in the next couple days to gather the start, stop, continue thoughts of participants in the Roundtable event.

Thanks to Shawnee United Methodist Church for hosting our monthly Roundtable. The space works wonderfully and your congregation is gracious with its time and space. The extra cookies were left for the SUMC staff and we were told that Harry will probably eat them for breakfast, again.

Next month, on April 5, we will have some special guests when a den of Scouters, who happen to be girls, from Pack 3252 serves as the Service Patrol. We will try to speed up registration and allow more time for networking.



Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.