New Youth Protection

Below you will find information about the new Youth Protection Training. All registered leaders must complete this new training by October 1, 2018. 

Here are the highlights:

  • There are three modules and a test module in this new training. It will take just over an hour to complete.
  • You can not leave a module in the middle and pick up where you left off. You must complete a module once you start it or you will have to start the module over.

From National, Council, District:


What is YPT-2?  Youth Protection Two (YPT-2) is a new and updated Youth Protection Training Program for adult Scouters, which has been implemented as a result of the Family Scouting initiative.

When is YPT-2 Available?  YPT-2 is available online now at

When is YPT-2 Required?  All Scouters must complete YPT-2 by October 1, 2018, regardless of their current expiration date for the prior YPT-01.  The only two BSA positions which are exempt from taking YPT-2 are institutional heads (i.e., head of the chartered organization) and adult partners in Tiger and Lion programs.  The same YPT-2 training program applies to all levels of Scouting: Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorers.

What Does YPT-2 Consist of?  There are four modules in YPT-2:

  1. First Module: An overview of why preventing abuse is important and the concepts of Youth Protection.  One should let the video play and not try to skip it.
  2. Second Module:  Sexual abuse and grooming. This is more detailed and somewhat disturbing.
  3. Third Module:  Bullying – including verbal, social, and physical bullying, and cyberbullying as a subcategory of social bullying.
  4. Fourth Module: YPT certification test. The questions are very straightforward. They only have a few that have tricky turns of phrase. If you read moderately carefully, you will have a reasonable chance of passing.

What are Some Key Takeaways from YPT-2?  

  1. No Scout, Venturer, or Explorer will be allowed to tent with another youth of greater than 2 years age difference or maturity.  FBI statistics that show that youth abuse other youth of larger age disparity.
  2. Co-ed rules from Venturing have been incorporated across the entire program.
  3. The implementation of a Scout First Help Line at (844) SCOUTS-1 (1-844-726-8871).  This national toll-free number is designed to help put counseling and reporting to the BSA in one place and to answer questions.  This phone number should be placed at the top of all outing worksheets and contact information.

Resources:  Youth Protection FAQ –

Youth Protection and Adult Leadership –


Log on to

Click on the Youth Protection logo on the upper right of the home page.

From that page, click on “Take the Course.”

Again click on the Youth Protection logo.

On the Youth Protection page click “Add Plan.”

From the next page, at the top it says “Youth Protection – Mandatory,” from there click “Start.”  That launches the first module.

In order to begin, you must click the course name or the arrow on the right for each module.  When you finish a module, do not use the navigation bar “Back Arrow” to “Go Back.” Instead, click “Close Course” and then click on the “Back Button” to move back to page where you can select the next module.

Once you finish with one module, begin with the next. Begin at top and work your way down to the test.  Each module contains sections which cannot be skipped.

Navigating inside each module:

  1. Pause.
  2. Go back to the current section of the module.
  3. Start from Pause, or proceed to the next section.
  4. Click to open or close the module’s Table of Contents.

There is a 25 question test at the end.

After completing the test, click return to your my.scouting page to Print Your Certificate.


Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.