April Roundtable Recap

The largest crowds yet.

Our crowds have been growing at Roundtable. This month was no different. In fact, the April 2018 Roundtable was one of the largest in District history.

Harry made the coffee and Alan brought the granola bars. This detail is more important than one might think.

Every person who walked into Roundtable was greeted and welcomed by Scouts from Pack 3252. They were handed bulletins of the night’s announcements and personally welcomed by the only Pack in Shawnee Trails which was an early adopter of the All Family Scouting program. The “Welcome to Roundtable!” was enthusiastic and just what we needed to get the night started on the right foot.

The waiting room for Eagle Courts of Honor was packed as reviewers and board members were on hand to guide young men on the path to Eagle. Supportive parents could be spotted all through the sanctuary. The Eagle Board folks were still at RT well into the 9 O’Clock hour.

Scouters talked and visited as they worked through the sign-in line. David and Arnie have really worked on ways to speed this process along. A faster sign in leaves more time for fellowship. Fellowship is important in Scouting and Roundtable presents a wonderful opportunity for Scouters in the Shawnee Trails District to network with one another.

IIC presentations were ordered up by IIC co-chariman Donna Brandt and Royals tickets were handed out by the Vice Chairmen for Activities, the Grimsley’s.

The Cub Scouts from 3252 reverently escorted the colors to the front of the room and led the group assembled in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Scout Oath and Law. Their night was far from over though. They had a special recognition to receive and a few fun games to play.

Commissioner RJ Wilson invited District Wood Badge Advocate and Troop 428 Scoutmaster Mark Ford to make a special presentation. He called forward ADC for Tiger Leader Mentors Frank Mathews who took from Mark the flag of office for Tiger Leader Mentorship. Mrs. Ford quilted together a special flag fro Tiger and Lion leaders and Frank received the flag thoughtfully.

Commissioner RJ Wilson also asked Pack 3352 and Troop 93 to pass on the Commissioner’s Traveling Staff to Pack 3252 and Troop 193 for their involvement last month with Roundtable. Both staves were carved with their respective escorts’ number. Troop 93 inlaid a special piece of memorabilia to commemorate their travels through scouting, while Gus from Pack 3352 explained that their unit cares for the community and inlaid a red heart in addition to their staff carving.

While Assistant District Commissioner Anne Borgmier shuffled Eagle Scout candidates and their parents, and prepared the packets for the evening, Assistant District Commissioner Alan Clark called the group to order and recognized District Community Service Chairman Lynne Milum to speak. Lynne told the group assembled how they can sign up for the District Service Project and showed the group examples of items which will be necessary to complete the task. This year we will be packing back packs for kids in need of basic supplies in the Shawnee Mission School District. Hon. Heather Ousley serves on the District Public Relations Committee and will play a role in working with the SMSD.

Harry Moyer, fearless leader of the Cub Scout Roundtable staff, led Cub Scout specific Scouters to their break out room while Alan started the program for the Boy Scout Leaders.

Alan, with the assistance of a panel of four judges, broke the group assembled into patrols. They were given some simple instructions and some simple supplies. Their charge was to make the perfect pancake in a short amount of time. One patrol returned with a granola bar and a cup of coffee on a plate. They only dirtied two dishes but dropped their pancake on the floor in preparation for plating. The other three patrols came up with tasty pancakes but there can only be one winner. Instead of winning the right to eat pancakes, the entire patrol won granola bars and bragging rights. The adults are learning through Roundtable what our youth go through sometimes in completing small tasks with a big group. Too many cooks in the kitchen was commonly heard as a lesson of the exercise.

On the Cub Scout side, RJ led the group in a get to know you game where adults were partnered with someone they didn’t know. Even the guys in the back of the room participated in the game. Youth participated as well and there was a lot of great sharing that went on. RJ’s new buddy Gus told the crowd that he expected RJ to “make the world a better place” and RJ told Gus that he expected him to always do his best. Harry and Frank led additional training.

Back on the Boy Scout side, The Order fo the Arrow Chapter Spokesmen informed the Boy Scout Leaders about upcoming call night answered questions about the same.

Coffee and granola bars were enjoyed through the evening and discussions were had about how to keep improving our Roundtable offering.

After clean up, the Roundtable Staff gathered for another 30 minutes to rehash the event and to perform a start, stop, continue evaluation of the night. In the end, most scouters agreed that the Roundtable gathering was informative, full of energy and an event where people felt good about Scouting and the District we work in. Next month, we will have a program for youth in attendance doing something fun at a table at the annual program fair.

We hope to see everyone back next month, hopefully with a friend or two. We will have our annual Program Fair and this year there will be some surprises you will not want to miss.

Thanks, as always, to the members of the Shawnee United Methodist Church for hosting our monthly Roundtable. The space works wonderfully and your congregation is gracious with its time and space. The extra granola bars were left for the SUMC staff and we were told that Harry will probably eat them for breakfast, again.

Registration went more smoothly this month. Special guests in attendance included Howie Peer, Leave No Trace Lead Instructor. Kathy from 3252 was also recognized for trying to put together a first aid day for youth and adults as her Webelos get ready to start camping in earnest.



Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.