Troop 428 Summer Camp

Planning page for Troop 428’s 2018 Summer Camp.

Dates for Summer Camp 2018:

▪ 4-16-18 Summer Camp T-shirt Design Ideas Due to Mr. Wilson

▪ 4-18-18 Final deadline for Roster and Fees to be paid

▪ 5-7-18 Parent’s Informational Meeting

▪ 5-7-18 All Special Needs Meetings Concluded

▪ 5-12-18 Program Work Day at Day

▪ 5-14-18 Show and Tell gear night for the Troop

▪ 5-21-18 Summer Camp Goal Setting for the Troop

▪ 5-15-18 Merit Badge Signups Open

▪ 5-15-18 Special Needs information due to Council

▪ 5-15-18 Final T-shirt Orders Due

▪ 5-21-18 Camp Master visits Laura Campbell at HOAC

▪ 5-21-18 Camp Master visits with food service staff at HOAC

▪ 6-1/3-18 MOS Tribal Celebration

▪ 6-4-18 Summer Camp Gear Shakedown/Goal Review

▪ 6-11-18 Health Forms should be delivered to Mr. Kouri

▪ 6-11-18 Hot Dog Dinner, Trailer Preparation and Permethrin Spraying

▪ 6-13-18 Begin mailing packages and letters

▪ 6-15-18 Medicines and Instructions delivered to Mr. Kouri in Zip Lock Bag

▪ 6-15-18 Money and Camp Box key delivered to Mr. Farkes in Ziplock Bag

▪ 6-15-18 Bring Canned Goods for Bartle Food Drive

▪ 6-15-18 Depart for Camp – Bartle Scout Reservation, Camp Lonestar, Ottawa

▪ 6-15-18 Camp Master: turn in all health forms

▪ 6-15-18 Camp Master: turn in all recommendation forms

▪ 6-15-18 Assistant Camp Master: Check in with campsite commissioner

▪ 6-16-18 Scoutmaster Assistant Scoutmaster Training (All Day – Catholic Chapel)

▪ 6-17-18 Parents, Family and Visitor Day 10AM-5PM

▪ 6-17-18 Wilderness First Aid (8:30-4:00, 2 days)

▪ 6-19-18 IOLS (1) Training offered on Reservation (Report 8AM, 2 days)

▪ 6-19-18 Wilderness First Aid (8:30-4:00, 2 days)

▪ 6-20-18 Climb on Safely Training on Reservation

▪ 6-20-18 Mail no additional letters or packages

▪ 6-21-18 IOLS (2) Training offered on Reservation

▪ 6-24-18 Return from Camp

Additional Calendar Items to be determined:

▪ Swimming Practice

▪ Second Parent’s Meeting if needed

▪ Committee meeting to discuss MOS

Camp Staff for Summer Camp 2018:

▪ Campmaster: RJ Wilson

▪ Assistant Campmaster: Mark Ford

▪ Mic-o-Say Representative: Mike Douglas

▪ Banker:

▪ Health Officer:

▪ Merit Badge Coordinator: Nate Baldwin

▪ Special Needs Coordinator:

Campmaster Goals:

▪ Everyone gets to camp safely.

▪ Everyone gets through camp safely.

▪ Everyone returns home safely.

▪ Everyone has a positive and memorable experience.

Adults Need:

▪ It its not required that you have taken the new YPT before summer camp but it is highly recommended. The word on the street is that you will need at least the new YPT and Troop Committee Challenge for certain MOS activities.

▪ An up to date medical form.

▪ A packed lunch or money for pizza/sandwich from Caseys. A cooler with some ice will be available for those with refrigerated items.

Youth Need:

▪ A packed lunch or money for pizza/sandwich from Caseys. A cooler with some ice will be available for those with refrigerated items.

▪ An up to date medical form.

▪ Money to cover merit badges, trading post items, extra program costs, and an Iconium run. Merit badges should receive first priority for money spent.

▪ Locking Camp Box

▪ Swim Trunks

▪ Field Uniform for travel

▪ Scout Book

▪ Merit Badge Forms

Things to know:

▪ Emergency camp contact line: 417-646-8115

▪ Emergency campsite contact line: 913-209-3936

▪ Mail Call: Full Name and Troop Number, Bartle Scout Reservation, Camp Lone Star, Campsite Ottawa, 5525 NE Scout Camp Road, Osceola MO 64776-9000.

▪ If you send packages to your Scout please do not include food.

Author: RJ Wilson

Improving Scouting in the Kansas City area on volunteer at a time.