Direct Contact Training Changes

Important Announcement:

Shawnee Trails Scouters: Last night at the Council Commissioner’s Meeting we learned that there is about to be a seismic shakeup in training for leaders who have direct contact with youth.

In our Council, we believe there to be more than 6,000 Scouters who may have direct contact with youth who are not position specific trained. These individuals are registered as U91 – Scouter Reserve. During this winter’s rechartering period, U91 will be discontinued.

Every person who has direct contact with youth (Cubmaster and assistant, Den Leader and assistant, Scoutmaster and assistant, Crew Advisor and assistant, and any other adult who has direct responsibilities with youth) must be position specific trained before they will be rechartered.

This guidance document has been issued. Please review it and start moving any untrained direct contact leaders toward their position specific training now. Also remember that Severe Weather training is also required for any direct contact adult.


Author: RJ Wilson

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