August Commissioner Packet


District Meeting – August 9, 2018, 6:30 PM at Atonement Lutheran Church

Commissioner Meeting Packet


  • Commissioner Meeting Agenda
  • August 9, 2018  6:30 PM @ Atonement Lutheran Church
  • Joint Commissioner and Committee Meeting from 6:30 – 7:00
  • 7:00 Commissioner Meeting
  1. Roll Call
  2. High Points – YPT 2 and Recruitment
  3. Quick Review of Service Plans – RJ Wilson
  4. Discussion of Pack Assignments and School Night – Jenna Bentrop and RJ Wilson
  5. Monthly Training Topic – Reaffirming Duty to God – RJ Wilson
  6. Roundtable Update – Alan, Anne, Harry, David (YPT Training in September)
  7. Tiger and Lion Update – Frank Matthews (Bobcat Academies)
  8. New Commissioner Role – Training and Awards – John Wiedenmann

A note from Council Commissioner Robert Kline:

A few important items would be to continue to work with your unit leaders about taking the new Youth Protection Training, YPT-2.  The previous YPT will be expiring on 9/30/2018.  The District Training teams are working to provide in person training, and we have sent every Unit Committee Chair a list of the leaders in their respective units that have not completed the new YPT-2 training as asked for their help to get their leaders to take the new training.
Commissioners in prior years have helped with the Fall Back to School Recruiting Nights and hopefully they will be helping out their units and the District Membership teams again this year.  This is an important time for Scouting, we will be recruiting both boys and girls to Cub Scouts for the first time this fall.
Thanks for all the support you give to the units in your District.
Yours in Scouting:

Robert N. Kline

Unit Commissioner Service Plans:

Please review the following Monthly Service Plans. These service plans have just about everything a Unit would need to be brought up to date on what’s happening at the Council and District.

August 2018 Monthly Service Plan

September and October 2018 Monthly Service Plan

Commissioner Pack Assignments:

Below you will find the latest list Jenna and I have been working on to make sure we have all Pack Commissioner Assignments listed correctly. Please review this list. We will talk about it in our meeting as well.

Commissioner Pack List 8-9-18

School Night Schedule:

Below is the latest and greatest school night schedule. Your assistance with School Night is appreciated.

SN Schedule 2018

August 2018 Training Topic:

Reaffirming our Duty to God

Nick will not be able to meet with us this month but he has sent along the August training document. Please see the document below.

Monthly Commissioner Update


July 2018 Update:


School night will be here before we know it. Council kickoff has occurred. District kickoff just happened. Every kid in every school will be eligible for scouts. School night recruitment is only as good as we make it.

Last week we got all of the Pack Leaders in our district together at Atonement Lutheran, and they were trained on how to run the recruitment nights.  Then we trained everyone who will be helping with a school night.

We have been requested to follow the plan. A copy will be provided to everyone. Staff will share the written plan and the district totals plan broken down by cub rank.

Question to ask ourselves: How can we as commissioners support this and make school nights more fun? I plan to come up with a couple games or maybe some sort of quick demonstration, that the kids will think is cool and to grab their attention.

The Superintendent of the Shawnee Mission School District has decided to shut us out of doing Scout talks with the kids…so there will be no stickers or circulars going home. This will make things a lot harder.

Final Thought: get the parents names and numbers on the card. That will allow us to follow up with them should they disappear after school night.  This is crucial.

Scouts BSA

One of the main questions we hear is: why are there separate Troops for boys and girls?

There was a webinar done regarding Scouts BSA. Leadership is a key component of why we have seperate Troops for Boys and Girls. Two troops doubles the leadership positions available. Division is to assure there is equal opportunity for males and females to lead. Separate SPL and separate PLC. It may change in the future but for now this is how it is. When there’s business to be done they should be separate.

There are only seven months before we’re ready to go live. Start planning now. The new campaign “Scout me in” is from the perspective of the kids and marketing material will be available soon. February 1 is not a deadline. It’s opening day.

Status of LDS

As of January 1, 2020, LDS church no longer chartering units. They will have a separate organization to prepare youth for missions. But there is nothing that says LDS kids can not still have their own units or work into non-LDS Units. Very simply, the LDS church will no longer charter any units.

It would be best for us to stand up new units in the Spring of 2019 and dual register LDS boys with the LDS existing unit and the new unit. If we do that, when the transition happens, those youth will still have a troop to be a part of.

We should work with LDS leaders to determine what they want to do. Remember, they usually do not camp on Saturday night. Anecdotally we’re hearing that the boys want to stay involved. Church HQ has not given a lot of direction other than they are not divorcing scouting.  A good idea may be to have a meeting with all LDS Leader’s in the district to discuss.

Silver Beaver Nominations Due

Silver beaver nominations must be in by September 1. Recommendation letter(s) must be turned in then too.

District Commissioner’s Trained on YPT

Only three district commissioners have not completed the new Youth Protection Course. 100% of the staff has taken it and 92% of the Council board.

Shawnee Trails Falling Behind on Detailed Assessments

We are lagging behind other Districts in detailed assessments. We are also falling further and further behind in simple assessments. I am as much to blame as anyone on this front. I have a page of contacts I still need to record. I will do that this week. The real problem is that we do not have enough commissioners to cover. We have 28 active commissioners and 82 Units. That math does not work out. We need some additional recruitment to make this an easier lift for everyone.

Personally, I am actually worried about how the National and Council Boards perceive Commissioning as a necessary part of the fabric of Scouting. I see the advantage, you do too. Let’s make sure we keep commissioning healthy in Shawnee Trails.

Also, Our DD has asked that I make sure every Pack in the District has an assigned Commissioner this Fall. I know some of you do not want to have a Pack assigned to you, but there may not be a choice if we are to meet this mandate. We will talk about this in our meeting.

Our previous DC had the practice of recording a contact every time an email was sent en masse to the Units. I agree with his methodology and it helps bolster the contact numbers, but as DC I have discontinued that practice. Recording one-way communication as a contact skews our numbers in a way that I am never sure which Units are actually getting contacts. Some people may disagree with my viewpoint and I understand that. Please see me to discuss.

Continuing Education

Nick Badgerow presented that the declaration of religious principles are in the BSA constitution. The national committee passed a resolution recently to recommit themselves to their duty to God. USSC said it’s ok for BSA to hold its duty to God. These duties follow on to our commitments in MOS.

We need to remember now that we have girls in Troops after 108 years. We need to make our adjustments as well as we can. Simple things like remembering to say Scouts, instead of Boys, will be a major part to making sure our organization is changing and growing and thriving for the future.

Commissioner College

Commissioner College will be Saturday March 2, 2019. National Commissioner Ellie Morrison will be our speaker. She’s the new National Commissioner and first female in that role. You all might remember when Charles Dahlquist came and spoke to us a few years ago. It is always an honor to have the National Commissioner attend our college here in Kansas City.

Webelos to Scout Transition

September 22 and 23 will be a WTS transition event at Bartle. Make sure to emphasize to Pack leadership that their boys can join any unit they choose.

District Commissioner Minute

The new YPT it doesn’t cover adult supervision very well.

For the record: Two registered leaders over the age of 21 are required at all activities, including meetings.

For the record: All adults at an event lasting more than 72 hours (consecutive or non-consecutive) must be registered adult leaders. There must be a registered female adult over 21 at any activity where female youth are being served.


There will be a roundtable assessment and workshop at the University of Scouting.  They will be covering what they believe to be best practices.

June 15 came and went and there is no RT guide. In Shawnee Trails we are proceeding with our own planning. In September, Shawnee Trails will host a last chance YPT training for any leader who has yet to take the online training.

Personnel Update

hired a director and executive for Iron Horse. Michael Charlesworth and Heather Martin will fill the director/executive roles. Interviewing for ST executive, Exploring and Mormon trails with 24 candidates. Brick started July 1 and Matt Hill is off to Des Moines.

National Meeting

Robert Kline went to the national meeting. Duty to God breakfast was the highlight. Laura Bush did a fantastic job. The Americanism breakfast had an outstanding national anthem. Met a lot of great people. 10 councils targeted to discuss their successes. Talked for three hours without a break and then recognized Robert to speak. He talked for 15 minutes about what we do here in HOAC.

Huffman returns to HOAC

From the Council President….a Shawnee Trails Scouter himself.

Heart of America Council Scouters,

I am most excited to share with you that following a thorough and thoughtful nationwide search we have selected a new Scout Executive for the Heart of America Council.

Please join me in welcoming Richard “Brick” Huffman, Eagle Scout, Sachem Little Rolling Iron Quill back to Kansas City.

He grew up in Belton, MO. He has held a variety of Scouting positions around the country. Cedar Rapids, IA,

St. Cloud, MN, St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Amarillo, TX, and most recently as Scout Executive for the South Florida Council in Miami Lakes, FL.

I look forward to working with Brick as he leads us forward to ensure that we have a Scouting program that is building tomorrow’s leaders today.

I thank all of you for your contributions and support of Scouting here in the Heart of America Council.


Zachary H. Shafran

Council President

Heart of America Council, BSA

Troop 428 Summer Camp

Planning page for Troop 428’s 2018 Summer Camp.

Dates for Summer Camp 2018:

▪ 4-16-18 Summer Camp T-shirt Design Ideas Due to Mr. Wilson

▪ 4-18-18 Final deadline for Roster and Fees to be paid

▪ 5-7-18 Parent’s Informational Meeting

▪ 5-7-18 All Special Needs Meetings Concluded

▪ 5-12-18 Program Work Day at Day

▪ 5-14-18 Show and Tell gear night for the Troop

▪ 5-21-18 Summer Camp Goal Setting for the Troop

▪ 5-15-18 Merit Badge Signups Open

▪ 5-15-18 Special Needs information due to Council

▪ 5-15-18 Final T-shirt Orders Due

▪ 5-21-18 Camp Master visits Laura Campbell at HOAC

▪ 5-21-18 Camp Master visits with food service staff at HOAC

▪ 6-1/3-18 MOS Tribal Celebration

▪ 6-4-18 Summer Camp Gear Shakedown/Goal Review

▪ 6-11-18 Health Forms should be delivered to Mr. Kouri

▪ 6-11-18 Hot Dog Dinner, Trailer Preparation and Permethrin Spraying

▪ 6-13-18 Begin mailing packages and letters

▪ 6-15-18 Medicines and Instructions delivered to Mr. Kouri in Zip Lock Bag

▪ 6-15-18 Money and Camp Box key delivered to Mr. Farkes in Ziplock Bag

▪ 6-15-18 Bring Canned Goods for Bartle Food Drive

▪ 6-15-18 Depart for Camp – Bartle Scout Reservation, Camp Lonestar, Ottawa

▪ 6-15-18 Camp Master: turn in all health forms

▪ 6-15-18 Camp Master: turn in all recommendation forms

▪ 6-15-18 Assistant Camp Master: Check in with campsite commissioner

▪ 6-16-18 Scoutmaster Assistant Scoutmaster Training (All Day – Catholic Chapel)

▪ 6-17-18 Parents, Family and Visitor Day 10AM-5PM

▪ 6-17-18 Wilderness First Aid (8:30-4:00, 2 days)

▪ 6-19-18 IOLS (1) Training offered on Reservation (Report 8AM, 2 days)

▪ 6-19-18 Wilderness First Aid (8:30-4:00, 2 days)

▪ 6-20-18 Climb on Safely Training on Reservation

▪ 6-20-18 Mail no additional letters or packages

▪ 6-21-18 IOLS (2) Training offered on Reservation

▪ 6-24-18 Return from Camp

Additional Calendar Items to be determined:

▪ Swimming Practice

▪ Second Parent’s Meeting if needed

▪ Committee meeting to discuss MOS

Camp Staff for Summer Camp 2018:

▪ Campmaster: RJ Wilson

▪ Assistant Campmaster: Mark Ford

▪ Mic-o-Say Representative: Mike Douglas

▪ Banker:

▪ Health Officer:

▪ Merit Badge Coordinator: Nate Baldwin

▪ Special Needs Coordinator:

Campmaster Goals:

▪ Everyone gets to camp safely.

▪ Everyone gets through camp safely.

▪ Everyone returns home safely.

▪ Everyone has a positive and memorable experience.

Adults Need:

▪ It its not required that you have taken the new YPT before summer camp but it is highly recommended. The word on the street is that you will need at least the new YPT and Troop Committee Challenge for certain MOS activities.

▪ An up to date medical form.

▪ A packed lunch or money for pizza/sandwich from Caseys. A cooler with some ice will be available for those with refrigerated items.

Youth Need:

▪ A packed lunch or money for pizza/sandwich from Caseys. A cooler with some ice will be available for those with refrigerated items.

▪ An up to date medical form.

▪ Money to cover merit badges, trading post items, extra program costs, and an Iconium run. Merit badges should receive first priority for money spent.

▪ Locking Camp Box

▪ Swim Trunks

▪ Field Uniform for travel

▪ Scout Book

▪ Merit Badge Forms

Things to know:

▪ Emergency camp contact line: 417-646-8115

▪ Emergency campsite contact line: 913-209-3936

▪ Mail Call: Full Name and Troop Number, Bartle Scout Reservation, Camp Lone Star, Campsite Ottawa, 5525 NE Scout Camp Road, Osceola MO 64776-9000.

▪ If you send packages to your Scout please do not include food.

April Roundtable Bulletin

The following is the bulletin from the District Commissioner and District Committee Chairman for the April 2018 Roundtable Meeting.

We sincerely appreciate your investment of time to attend Roundtable. Our attendance at this RT meeting was one of the largest recorded in the history of Shawnee Trails.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ST April RT Bulletin”]


Hazardous Weather Training

The following is a note from Council and National HQ.

Hazardous Weather Training is now required for some positions.

The letter from Council is below and the documents answering questions and outlining “trained” requirements are in the following two links.

Hazardous Weather Training FAQ

What do you need to get your trained patch?

‘Trained’ Leader Designation to Require Hazardous Weather Training
Effective April 30, new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained. And here is one story about why this is so important.

Imagine as a leader with a group of excited Scouts you arrive at a council camp for a camporee on a rainy Friday afternoon. Saturday morning is filled with the sounds of Scouts participating in the scheduled activities, only to have the weather turn blustery with sustained winds of about 30 mph and gusts up to 48 mph. The trees of the heavily forested area start swaying madly back and forth.

As a leader, what would you do? Would you continue with the camporee or evacuate the camp?

This was exactly the situation experienced earlier this year at Pacific Harbors Council’s Klondike Derby held at Camp Thunderbird. According to the National Weather Service, sustained winds of about 30 mph with gusts up to 48 mph were recorded near the camp between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday. It soon became apparent to leaders that conditions had become unsafe and, around midmorning, with input from the council representative and Camp Thunderbird’s ranger, leaders decided to evacuate the camp.

“We made sure that we followed the Boy Scout Guide to Safe Scouting and our hazardous weather training to ensure that all scouts and adults made it home safe,” said Barb Dyer, Klondike committee chairwoman. “It was the right decision to cancel Klondike. While it’s disappointing that the boys couldn’t have the fun-filled weekend that was planned, I’m eternally grateful that safety is first with the BSA.”

A good decision it was, as several large trees and branches dropped on or near Scout campsites during the storm. No injuries were reported, but it could have turned out differently. Rebecca Ledford, an adult leader with Troop 4100, shared a photo of her son’s tent, which had been impaled by a heavy fallen branch — right where his pillow was.

On Sunday morning the “all clear” was given for scouts and leaders to return to retrieve their belongings and break down their campsites.

This course is available around-the-clock in the BSA Learn Center by logging in to your account on

Attached for your use is an FAQ document (Hazardous Weather FAQ 040218.pdf) on the updated training requirements and a preliminary copy of the position trained requirements (PositionTrainedRequirements_AllPrograms_MARCH_22_18.pdf).

Youth Protection FAQ

What is YPT-2?  Youth Protection Two (YPT-2) is a new and updated Youth Protection Training Program for adult Scouters, which has been implemented as a result of the Family Scouting initiative.

When is YPT-2 Available?  YPT-2 is available online now at

When is YPT-2 Required?  All Scoutersmust complete YPT-2 by October 1, 2018, regardless of their current expiration date for the prior YPT-01. The only two BSA positions which are exempt from taking YPT-2 are institutional heads (i.e., head of the chartered organization) and adult partners in Tiger and Lion programs.  The same YPT-2 training program applies to all levels of Scouting: Cubs, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorers. 

What Does YPT-2 Consist of?  There are four modules in YPT-2:

  1. First Module: An overview of why preventing abuse is important and the concepts of Youth Protection. One should let the video play and not try to skip it.
  2. Second Module: Sexual abuse and grooming. This is more detailed and somewhat disturbing.
  3. Third Module: Bullying – including verbal, social, and physical bullying, and cyberbullying as a subcategory of social bullying.
  4. Fourth Module: YPT certification test. The questions are very straightforward. They only have a few that have tricky turns of phrase. If you read moderately carefully, you will have a reasonable chance of passing.


What are Some Key Takeaways from YPT-2? 

  1. No Scout, Venturer, or Explorer will be allowed to tent with another youth of greater than 2 years age difference or maturity. FBI statistics show that youth abuse other youth of larger age disparity.
  2. Co-ed rules from Venturing have been incorporated across the entire program.
  3. The implementation of a Scout First Help Line at (844) SCOUTS-1 (1-844-726-8871). This national toll-free number is designed to help put counseling and reporting to the BSA in one place and to answer questions.  This phone number should be placed at the top of all outing worksheets and contact information.



Youth Protection FAQ –

Youth Protection and Adult Leadership –



Log on to

Click on the Youth Protectionlogo on the upper right of the home page.

From that page, click on “Take the Course.”

Again, click on the Youth Protectionlogo.

On the Youth Protection page click “Add Plan.”

From the next page, at the top it says “Youth Protection – Mandatory,” from there click “Start.”  That launches the first module.

In order to begin, you must click the course name or the arrow on the right for each module.  When you finish a module, do not use the navigation bar “Back Arrow” to “Go Back.” Instead, click “Close Course” and then click on the “Back Button” to move back to page where you can select the next module.

Once you finish with one module, begin with the next. Begin at top and work your way down to the test.  Each module contains sections which cannot be skipped.

Navigating inside each module:

  1. Go back to the current section of the module.
  2. Start from Pause or proceed to the next section.
  3. Click to open or close the module’s Table of Contents.

Take the 25-question test at the end.

After completing the test, click return to your my.scouting page to Print Your Certificate.


Why Change YPT?

From the National Committee regarding Youth Protection Training.

Over the decades, the Boy Scouts of America has been a leader in developing training and policies designed to keep young people safe. Over time, these policies have become standard with organizations across the nation. Now, the Boy Scouts of America is releasing fully updated training to further strengthen our ability to protect youth.

These changes include:

  • Updated Youth Protection Training, including insights from experts and survivors and the latest strategies for recognizing and preventing major forms of abuse. This is the designated Youth Protection Training for all adults. All volunteers must take the new training by October 1, 2018, no matter when they took the previous training.
  • An expanded ScoutsFirst Helpline to aid volunteers and families in addressing potentially dangerous situations.
  • Unlimited counseling and support for healing to anyone who has ever been abused in Scouting.
  • Youth Protection Training for youth members available in 2019.

In addition to updated training, we recently announced new policies to ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements, including:

  • As of January 1, 2018, no new leader can be registered without first completing youth protection training.
  • As of January 1, 2018, no council, regional, or national leader will be allowed to renew their registration if they are not current on their Youth Protection Training.
  • As of September 1, 2017, no unit may re-charter without all leaders being current on their Youth Protection Training. Registrars no longer have the ability to approve charters without full compliance.
  • Effective June 1, 2018, adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a criminal background check and Youth Protection Training. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.

With these changes, and many more outlined in the documents listed below, as well as the overview video, we will continue to build a safe environment for our youth.

As an advocate and champion for youth protection in Scouting movement, I encourage you to watch the video, become familiar with the resource documents, take the training and spread the word.

We realize the Oct 1 training deadline will be a challenge for some – but the safety of our children is too important to delay.

Thank you for your work in sharing the message of safety in Scouting. You make difference every day, in ways you may never know. Truly, Youth Protection Begins with You.


Michael Johnson
Director, Youth Protection

Additional Resources: