Commissioner Packet – October 2018


Three Shawnee Trails Commissioners Honored for the Service to Units.
  • Commissioner Bob Baranek was recognized as being selected to be a Silver Beaver at the Council Level.
  • ADC for Awards and Training John Wiedenmann was recognized with his Arrowhead Honor. The requirements for which can be found here .
  • Bob Baranek and Commissioner John Rohrer were presented with the bolo tie, knot, certificate and plaque for being honored with the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. They were nominated to receive this award. The requirements can be found here.
  • Former ADC Joe Allen was awarded the Distinguished Commissioner Award at Roundtable. He is moving to Florida for his retirement this week. We wished him well.
  • One additional Shawnee Trails Commissioner will be awarded the Distinguished Commissioner Award at the next Roundtable.


Here is the packet of information you can refer to for the October 2018 Commissioners Meeting.

Monthly Service Plans:

Monthly Service Plan for Unit Commissioners October

Monthly Service Plan for Unit Commissioners November and December

District Commissioner Minute – YPT:

October 2018 Commissioner Training Corrected Online ReCharter 2019


HOAC Recharter Training 2019 Powerpoint (1) 9.21.2018

October 2018 Commissioner Training Corrected Online ReCharter 2019

Detailed Assessment and Roundtable Attendance Spreadsheet:

October Unit Health Packet

The Shawnee Trails District

We have a lot of fun in the Shawnee Trails District. We do a lot of important work and we give back to the organization which gave so much to us and our kids…Scouting!

The leaders in the Shawnee Trails District are responsible for leading the smallest geographic district in the Heart of America Council while serving more youth, raising more money and assisting more Units than any other District in the area.

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Want to make Scouting better?

Of course you do…we all do.

You already give a lot of yourself to Scouting and the development of your son or daughter. But, when your child has moved on, or when you are involved with a group filled with quality leaders you may need to find other opportunities to give back. Here then is an opportunity to give something back to your community, your neighborhood and to yourself. Continue reading “Want to make Scouting better?”

How does Boy Scouts work?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is a complex organization that requires organizational charts and committees and sub-committees and layers upon layers of bureaucracy to assure that the Scouting program is carried out to the benefit of the youth we serve. It can make you dizzy just thinking about it.

What does that mean to you? Not a dang thing. BUT…when you need help, you’ll find that it is within your reach.

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