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EagleScoutDear Community Organization Leader:

Our kids are in need of projects. We need your help in making sure we have a reliable pipeline of projects our kids can complete. You have projects you need completed and we have Scouts eager and ready for the challenge.

Below, you will find a submission form which will allow you to send our District Eagle Board Leadership ideas for projects which would be beneficial to your organization.

Our team is committed to lending the resources to our youth so they can make good decisions and have a quality experience as they learn to lead others in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout. Your assistance in partnering with us, so together, we can achieving our commitment to our youth, is sincerely appreciated.

Our Eagle Boards of Review are meeting at least once a month and Troops are looking for more and more Eagle projects. Please take the time to fill out this form and assist our young men in completing the path to Eagle by giving leadership to your worthwhile cause.

Thank you!


Shawnee Trails District Vice Chairman for Advancement Lowell Teague



2 Comments on “Eagles Need Projects

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! As one who works in the nonprofit field, I know the potential of having added extra help is huge!

    Before I share with some colleagues, can you please give me some examples of what an Eagle project might look like? Is it one time or ongoing? What types of projects have been done in the past?

    Much appreciated!!

    • Hi Alissa…thank you for commenting. If you take a look at the spreadsheet in Cell A31 you will find some guidance. In addition, you can find a lot more guidance by going to: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/510-025.pdf That should give beneficiaries guidance from the BSA.

      Typical Projects:
      There are thousands of possible Eagle Scout projects. Some involve building things, and others do not. There have been all kinds: making birdhouses for an arboretum, conducting bicycle safety rodeos, constructing park picnic tables or benches, upgrading hiking trails, planting trees, conducting well-planned blood drives, and on and on. Other than the general limitations noted below, there are no specific requirements for project scope or for how many hours are worked, and there is no requirement that a project have lasting value. What is most important is the impact or benefit the project will provide to your organization. In choosing a project, remember it must be something a group with perhaps limited skills can accomplish under the leadership of your Eagle Scout candidate. If your Scout is to fulfill the requirement, he must be the one to lead the project. It is important you work with him and not with his parents or leaders.

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